Delivery Information

Secure Delivery

  1. As soon as your order has been accepted by your selected butcher, they will begin to prepare and package your items. This will normally be on the very same day if you place your order during normal working hours; or on the next working day if you prefer to place your order whilst relaxing after work!
  2. Our friendly courier will then be notified that your order is ready, and will collect your items directly from your butcher. Your order will then make its way to you as soon as possible, and will usually be delivered within 2 working days from your order being accepted.
  3. Not in? Not a problem.
    You can specify a ‘safe’ location, or a preferred neighbour, and we’ll leave your package right there for you. All of our deliveries are tracked, so you can be free to order with confidence.

Fresh – Sustainable – Responsible

  1. Our partner butchers will seal your chilled (never frozen!) products individually, and package into our amazing Woolcool boxes or pouches, along with some reusable gel-packs.
  2. Woolcool technology makes the very most of one of nature’s finest insulators; sheep’s wool. Not only is wool a sustainable material, it is been independently proven to outperform polystyrene and polyethylene alternatives – keeping your produce below the all important 5oC for up to 48 hours.
  3. At Ox & Cart we're as passionate about the environment as we are about great quality, fresh produce – which is why we will only work with materials that are recyclable or reusable, and suppliers that share our vision.
Woolcool Packaging